Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan with Automatic Shutter for 100mm Ducts

Available versions
- Basic Version ASM 100 Plus
The appliance starts working when a light switch or a general external switch is turned on.

The automatic shutter is controlled by a thermoelectric mechanism that opens the shutter approximately 40 seconds after the exhaust is turned on.
When the fan is turned off the shutter closes automatically after a time lapse of approx. 40seconds. Air delivery rate of 90m3/h, direct duct exhausting for 100mm ducts at air temperatures no higher than 40oC. The electrical connection may be either on the outer surface (left or right) or recessed.
All models are in double electrical insulation and IP 44 for water spray protection against rain. Therefore they are particularly recommended for installation in bathrooms or humid areas.

Code: ASM 100 PLUS
Description: Basic Version
Performances at 230V, 50Hz: 90m3/h 22 Pasc. max
Power at 230V: 12W
Humidity Protection: IP44
Sound pressure level (1.5mt): 42dBA
Weight (kg): 0.65
Model ASM 100 PLUS
A mm. /inch 160 / 6.3 - 160 / 6.3
B mm. /inch 146 / 5.75 - 146 / 5.57
C mm. /inch 45 / 1.77 - 45 / 1.77
D mm. /inch 71 / 2.8 - 71 / 2.8
E mm. /inch 96 / 3.68 - 96 / 3.78