ASW Window-Mounted Exhaust fans

ASW Window-Mounted Exhaust fans
- Available Versions:
- Pull-cord Switch PS
The fan is turned on using a switch supplied with a built-in pull-cord. A LED turns on to indicate that the appliance is working.


The ASW series includes 3 axial exhaust fan models, with an air delivery rate of 85 to 230 m3/h. ASW models are very compact, easy to install and therefore particularly recommended for small rooms where a window or glass installation is required.
The appliance can be installed on glass with a thickness up to 30mm. All the models are equipped with a back draught gravity shutter, to prevent cold air from returning from outdoors, a protective silicon gasket, and a bright indicator LED that even from a distance clearly shows that the unit is working. Each version is in double electrical insulation and protected against vertical rain. All the motors are available in the 230V – 50Hz configuration and are protected against overheating by a non-automatic resetting safety device. Other ratings available upon request. Each Product complies with safety standards EN 603352 – 80 and electronic compatibility standards EN 55014, EN 61000-3-2/3, EN 55104 which are valid in the EEC.

Code: ASW 150PS)
Description: Pull cord switch + Lamp
Performances at 230V, 50Hz: 230m3/h
Power at 230V: 30W
Sound Pressure level: 50 dBA
Weight (kg): 1.440

Model: ASW 150
A mm. /inch: 210/8.27

B mm. /inch: 196/7.72

C mm. /inch: 130 / 5.12

D mm. /inch: 44 / 1.73
Hole 0 mm. /inch: 184÷192 / 7.24÷7.55